Wednesday, July 23, 2014


i am trying to stick to a routine this summer (more about that here) and i set a goal in june that we'd hit the beach at least once a week. so far i've done it! between lake sammamish, lake washington and the puget sound there are tons of beaches to check out within 30 minutes of our home, so yes i will gladly take advantage of that opportunity.

i've got my beach routine down to a science -- we leave right after hudson's morning nap, bring a picnic lunch and our gear, and come home in time for afternoon nap. that gives us a good four hours to dig in the sand, swim in the water, and usually play on the playground. (most of the beaches we go to have a nice play area right next to the sand.) jack traditionally HATES water but has really warmed up to swimming in the lake -- i think he feels more comfortable if he can touch the bottom. my least favorite part of beach days is dealing with hudson -- he crawls around and gets super dirty, but is too little to do much else. once he starts walking i think our beach trips will be perfect.

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