Thursday, July 3, 2014

hudson is 1!

this cute boy turned ONE on june 18! it's true what they say about things going faster with the second kid -- i feel like he was just barely born and now he's already been here for a year.

we celebrated his actual birthday with shots (sorry, buddy) and a little family party at home. he was so excited about his birthday balloons, not so much about his party hat (which lasted three minutes for these photos and then was never worn again).

this guy is the cutest, wildest one year old ever. he's into everything, always climbing onto something or getting himself stuck somewhere he can't get out. i delight in seeing what he picks up on -- he folds his arms for prayer whenever we sit down at the table, he holds cell phones up to his ear and combs his hair with a baby comb, he very clearly shakes his head for no and points for yes. he just barely started saying "eese" when he sees something he wants, too, which i think means "please" and it's just too adorable. he does sound effects whenever a toy or animal catches his eye, and learned how to drive himself forward on our fire truck push toy. hudson is obsesssssed with b, and with jack to a slightly smaller extent. he's getting his four front teeth but has a giant gap between them. we love this boy!

then, that weekend, my parents came to visit and we threw him a real birthday party! i made some pretty hilarious decorations (you can see more of the party over here), we opened a few presents and he got another cupcake. it was a fun and simple day.

happy birthday, huddy! we love you!

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