Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the birthdays 2014

on july 12, jack turned 4 and i turned 30! a big day in the wells house, per usual. my typical rule is that i don't throw jack's party on the 12th since it is MY birthday too, but since it fell on a saturday this year i figured what the heck. i only had one major meltdown (the morning of the parties) and other than that it was pretty good. :)

jack had a dinosaur birthday party! i did a couple fun crafty things for it, like these spray painted dinosaur jars and a dino footprint sign, but it was pretty low key. (at least by pinterest standards -- do NOT search "dinosaur parties" on pinterest unless you want your head to explode.) the biggest hit was letting the kids hammer away at tiny plastic dinos frozen in giant ice cubes. we had a pinata, played some games, ate cake and ended at the park. jack said he loved it, and still talks about his party, so i guess i did my job!

we cleaned up the party, went out to dinner, and then it was MY party time. :) since i was turning the big 3-0, we decided to go a little bigger than normal -- i felt a little silly, but hey, we never do stuff like this so why not? we rented a limo and invited four of our favorite couples to come along for dessert at elliott's on the pier and an improv show at pike place market. (yes, they made me get up on stage.) it was SO fun and we got home at 1 am, reminding me that i am definitely 30 and not able to stay up that late. haha. 

it was a perfect birthday and i'm so lucky that b was fully supportive of both those crazy parties -- he always wants to make july 12th a special day for me AND jack, and he totally came through. yay for birthdays!

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