Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my new life.

every day i wake up with a new regret about moving to utah. staying with my new theme of trying not to be whiny, i will not enumerate these regrets on the blog, but just know that i do not like change. and if it is change that i CHOSE for myself [i.e. i decided i'd like to quit my job & move 1,000 miles away from my homeland in l.a.] then i sometimes have an even worse time dealing with it.

so silly, because you'd think since this was my own decision i'd be able to go with it. but NO. since i chose it, i start wondering what would have happened if i didn't make this choice. blahhhh. my mind is an endless trap of what-ifs and wonderings.

exhale. but here we are. utah does have some nice things going for it, i must say. for example, sky like this:

i mean, i know there's sky in california and everything, but it just never seemed quite this BIG. i like utah sky.

another benefit is i'm actually starting to quite enjoy all this free time, now that i'm trying to find more productive things to do. i have an almost endless supply of time for crafting, sewing, shopping [a.k.a. window shopping, due to the lack of income, though i will splurge on the occasional home item], watching movies, visiting friends, seeing fam, cooking, blogging. yay for free time.

also i have come to wonder if our apartment is built on some weird magnetic minefield or indian burial ground. NOTHING stays open around here. i open the fridge door & turn around to grab the freshly-filled water purifier from the sink -- and the fridge door has swung shut. i pull open the oven door to place a heaping pyrex dish of italian chicken inside and as soon as i take my hand off -- it slams shut. [that one is dangerous as it has nearly resulted in a few 3rd degree burns of late.] other things won't STAY shut -- if i don't close the bathroom door or closet door allll the waaaay it slowly swings itself back open. maybe our house is just crooked?

we also have a little playground just outside our complex, for all the small children living around here i presume. fortunately it also has an adult-sized porch swing thing, which b and i have taken to swinging in at dusk. in case you were wondering, dusk doesn't happen here until 9:30 p.m. i think that is weird -- to have it still fully light at 8:45 at night? anyway, the swing is lovely; the swarming mosquitos are not.

pioneer day is a big deal in utah, though i think they celebrate it oddly -- they broadcast a parade from SLC on tv, and it was nooooothing like the rose parade or any other parades i've been to. low spectator content. they do get the day off, which is nice i suppose but we didn't care because EVERY day is a day off for us. so we went up to cottonwood canyon and had dinner & a campfire w/ b's family at some riverfront property they own. it was nice. THEN my favorite sister & bro-in-law came to visit us for the weekend, which was so much fun and sorely needed. i suppose moving here is okay if i'm only four hours away from them [and i guess orem isn't quiiiiite as hick-ville as i like to think, because my sis doesn't even have a TARGET. yes, that's right, no target. orem is much better than rexburg :) ]

that's all. today is b's birthday so we are going to a local brazilian restaurant to consume ridiculously large amounts of meat. can't wait! [and happy happy birthday to my old, now-27-years-old wonderful husband.]


Angela and Mike said...

Tucanos? OH, I hope that is wear you are going.

You are so silly. You will like Utah...just give it time :) Change is hard.

dana said...

At least it's only short-term right? You won't be in Utah forever....so you can enjoy those gorgeous skies, mountains, pretty leaves, green trees, and all the other stuff for a short time.

Jean said...

I hope you're going to Tucanos, too. OH MY HECK so good. I wish we could come. Happy birthday Brandon!!!!!

Sounds like a fun Pioneer Day, and sounds like a lot of crafty fun, too. You are ever so crafty, Miss L. If you have a lot of time on your hands, maybe you should try to get to know the ghosts that are apparently inhabiting your apartment. (J/K) :-)

Change is hard for me, too. I understand. Just remember that you won't be in UT forever. I think you should drive down to SoCal a whole bunch when B starts school. Like, every week maybe. :-)

nicole addison said...

aww, i hope everything gets better for you. if anything..those photos are stunning :)

sachia said...

ahhhh...i missed you. Glad to hear your back and you found some new loves of You Tah!

Jennifer said...

I saw a big sky at Doheny Beach today. We commented how CA doesn't usually have the cool, dramatic UT skies. How funny you should post that.

I'll add my three cheers for Target.

There used to be a Pupuseria or El Salvadorian restaurant that sold pupusas in downtown Provo. I haven't been there for a dozen years. But the food reminded me of my mission. I need to get some Masa and make those again. They were awesome. You should go try it since you guys try different foods. Tell me how it goes. See - lots of fun things to do in Utah. Next, go visit my parents and bring them loads of hugs from me.