Friday, July 17, 2009

updates from the front

still here. still settling.

we don't have internet at our apartment till next week, so if you've seen me online this week it means i am sitting in a local coffee shop, utilizing the free wi fi. b's new official MBA-student laptop arrived this week, so luckily we can do dueling laptops instead of taking turns on our old one.

i've been to super target every day this week and each time i am more and more amazed. that place is like heaven. yesterday i bought groceries [including produce], home decor and car stuff -- what a combo! i also dropped a picture frame on my foot, but you can't win them all.

still waiting to get a job offer, but i've had some encouraging progress in that area so hopefully news will come soon. until then, we are quite enjoying the unemployed life. though i do feel slightly guilty when we go to the nordstrom anniversary sale, roberts crafts, targetx3, etc. and i know that my bank account is NOT being replenished with a regular paycheck. thank heaven for savings.

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