Friday, July 17, 2009

pasadena friends

last friday i got together with my pasadena friends for one last craft night. these nights have become a semi-regular tradition of late, with everyone taking turns sharing their latest projects, and i have LOVED a. hanging out with my girls and b. having an excuse to make fun crafts. we drink diet coke, play with supplies and laugh all night.

last time megan hosted and taught us to embroider. i made this little giraffe especially for my co worker [who returned from a trip to africa this year]:

friday was my turn to share my card-making ideas [totally NOT exciting...but it was fun to share my supplies and watch everyone make cute cards!] i needed one last excuse for a trip to dots.

sachia hosted at her clubhouse...she even made me a sign because this night was dubbed MY night. haha. gotta love goodbye parties.

me & the lovely hostess:

it was so much fun to spend one last night with my friends. thanks girls for coming out!

group shot [we took this late, after a few had left...sorry if you missed the photo shoot :) ]

annnnd. totally delayed. but this craft night was just part two of my farewell to pasadena...we had a pool party the friday before i left. we had soooo much delicious food...including my favorite, homemade oreos :) thanks kristie! mmm.

i miss my pasadena friends already!!


sachia said...

Awwww...we miss you too, come. I can't decide who to give my cute card too, not sure if I want to use it because it just is dar-ling! Thanks for the tips.

Angela and Mike said...

I love your giraffe thing...
and homemade oreos...
that's all.

megan said...

you did a fab job on the giraffe!
love the cupcakes, craft nights, swimming party
love it all!!

and i'm going to have to steal a few pics

dana said...

Cute giraffe! And fun parties! California misses you already :)

dietcokegrrl said...

Glad we could hang out one more time! It was fun!!

B Brown said...

Good times. I already found someone worthy of sending my thank you card too! Thanks for the fun ideas & let us know when you are in town again. We always like an excuse to partay!!!

Jean said...

Awww, I miss my Lyndsey with a "Y". That craft night was great -- what a totally cute picture!! Why are my legs so very very white? No wonder Weston is an albino. :-)