Wednesday, July 1, 2009

made it

we are here! made it to utah with only a terrible migraine headache and 700+ miles getting in our way.

i cried a lot this week. that is what i do when i can't figure out how to deal with my emotions [at least i don't EAT my emotions like the girls on mean girls]. provo is just i am a city mouse stuck in a giant grassy farmland world and i dont know if i can handle this. sure, four years of undergrad is one thing when you're insulated by campus & entirely different one when you like to think you're a cultured, experienced grown-up. i hope i can make it through these two years.

highlights so far:
incredibly nice people at my new target
no traffic
cheap cheap cheap [toothpaste is 89 cents!]
met our new bishop randomly on the street
two good job interviews, check
d-bag landlord and crappy apt
visiting w/ the grandparents

holding off on the cafe rio initiation till my nervous tummy adjusts to the new homeland. tomorrow we fly to vegas to board a houseboat for a week -- NO email access, NO blogging, NO cell phones. scary. i didn't even give up internet when we went all the way to europe!...will i survive? but honestly, after this week, i'm quite looking forward to unplugging and doing noooooothing.

after that we'll be in rancho / pasadena for a week. and regular blogging / correspondence will resume :)


The Hunt House said...

So glad you made it but so sorry about the headache. I hope things improve fast. Enjoy the Vegas SUN!!!

sachia said...

yay..your making can DO IT!! You can! Sent me an e-mail and we are gonna party when your back.

LB3K said...

I hear ya! When we moved here, after being in Kansas City and then Las Vegas, it was totally an adjustment (I know. . . those are small cities compared to LA!!!). But it is suprising how little things start to grow on you. . . or at least they have for me. Hope you enjoy Cafe Rio! I am on a once a week Cafe Rio diet. Yummmmm!

dana said...

Hooray! So happy to hear that all is well....well, as well as it can be :).
Enjoy your week away from electronics and we'll see you soon!

dietcokegrrl said...

Glad you guys made it!! Can't wait for all the updates when you return.

Jean said...

Yay for making it!!! Oh my gosh, Cafe Rio would've been the first thing we did upon arriving in Utah - even before finding our new apartment. Haha! Country sounds really nice sometimes when I'm surrounded by the city all the time. But it sounds like you'll get back here every now and then, too -- yaaaaaay!!! Have fun on the houseboat until then!

Wendy said...

good luck in provo- it has its charms =)