Friday, July 31, 2009

diabetes donuts

utah is kind of hurting in the dessert department. i mean, sure, people MAKE great desserts, but as far as going out for a treat they are lacking. no pinkberry, no diddy riese [the utah-imitation, smart cookie, just went out of biz in provo], no sprinkles or dots cupcakes. this is bad news because we KNOW how much i love my desserts.

my bff britt just introduced me to the sweet tooth fairy, which i will admit is verrrry good. but i just miss my sugar-overloaded black & white sprinkles cupcakes :(

this week we were house-sitting for the in laws in SLC and drove by a donut shop called "just glazed." i love a good donut, so we investigated.

this was NOT your average donut shop. i was actually a little freaked out by the array of glazed donuts covered in toppings like oreos, frosting, fruit, etc -- they even had a grasshopper flavor, which grossed me out a little bit.

we ended up going for the raspberry tart -- glazed donut topped with fruity & sweet frosting and graham cracker crumbs. it was good but a little too sweet, even for me.

guess i'll just have to keep pining away for my cali cupcakes...donuts are a poor imitation.


becca said...

beyond glaze?

Jean said...

So sorry about the lack of phenomenal cupcakes!! However, I'd say, bring on the diabetes because those donuts look dang good. You could always pay a hefty sum to get the Sprinkles mix at Williams-Sonoma...? :-)