Thursday, October 29, 2009

cranky pants

b was in a bad mood for, like, five days straight. a finance midterm and an accounting final will do that to some people i guess.

no problem, really, because most of the time he'll just shut himself up in our little office and leave me to sew / watch tv / read / bake. however last week he started taking his aggression out on ME which is not okay. don't worry, he wasn't beating me or anything -- he was just snapping at me for no reason and being bratty overall.

enter my mom. she is famous for making the world's best sugar cookies [i have the recipe, but have never made them...i'm sure they wouldn't be as good] and she makes them in different shapes / colors for every holiday. and sometimes she mails me a box of them when i live far away. she is the BEST.

last week we got a little box full of halloween treats from mom including five sugar cookies. b and i decided that meant we each got 2 1/2 cookies and not a crumb more. my share was gone in about...oh, two hours. b is the type that's not addicted to sugary desserts [puh] and easily saved his for a few days.

sunday he was being particularly bratty and went to our room to take a nap. i was mad at him and had to make dessert for dinner at the in laws and i was tired TOO, so i was a little cranky myself. then i saw the box of sugar cookies on the counter with one left. what did i do? ate half of his only remaining cookie. mwahaha. it was delicious.

he didn't notice until monday and i had to confess. he just laughed at me. yesterday he got the not-so-hot results of his accounting test back and IM'ed me to say he was in a bad mood again. this was the following conversation:
L: sorry :( don't worry, you'll be ok
B: i know, it just sucks
B: i'm in a bad mood
B: but i won't take it out on you
B: cuz you'll eat my cookie again

HAHA. yep, that's your punishment if you do something wrong in my house. watch out for those treats.


The Facks of Life said...

Dude, I eat dessert so fast...I'm not worried about my cookies at your house. But I love the way you made B pay for his bad mood. Way to show him who's boss.

dana said...

That's when you know your marriage is built on friendship...when you can laugh about it later. haha. And dude, I tooootally want one of your mom's cookies!

Nichole said...

GAH! funniest story ever.

B is still my favorite of the day though... Just tell him he is slipping close the unfavorite if he doesn't shipshape up.

Yes. Unfavorite IS a word.

Jean said...

Hahaha! What a cute story!! At least everyone knows the punishment for crabbiness now. I think we should use that policy in our house, too. :-) Sorry about B's rough days - it'll get better!! And I'm with Dana, I really want a sugar cookie now.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So funny. I'd probably do the same thing and eat his precious cookie too :)

Lambson Family said...

that is the funniest story ive ever heard/read. love it!