Tuesday, June 2, 2009

worth it!

as you know, b's been busy with a little something called e3 lately. a lot of prep went into getting his client all ready for the event, which kicked off today. i was a little worried about him making it through all of the stress on little sleep etc. but so far he's been takin it like a champ.

so if you don't know, e3 is like the biggest gamer convention ever. i went down there for a bit today and saw geeks everywherrrrre. all the video game nerds are out in force and it is so awesome. however, it also turns out to be a giant media opp with really cool stuff going on.

microsoft had their big press conference yesterday and the beatles were there. [as i reminded b, you shouldn't call them "the beatles" as 50% of the group is dead, but family representation was in attendance for the deceased so i guess it counts.] yeah. so cool.

all sorts of fun publicity things are going on in connection with the event...most of which b has totally loved. i got excited texts and photo messages all day from him as he toured the show floor. for example, these guys:

and this car [allegedly THE ORIGINAL from the movies -- ghostbusters is b's favorite movie of all time]:

but, the best part of b's day occurred in the afternoon. b LOVES the show chuck...he even helped petition nbc to keep the show on the air for season three [which was successful, btw]. i didn't like it much at first but now thanks to his encouragement i'm even a fan...it's a pretty good show. anyway, yeah. he loves chuck like i love american idol. so you can imagine his delight when he ran into these guys:

that's the main guy on chuck, zachary levi, and his costar. they were both at the show today and b got to have a nice little chat with them. he was so so so excited. and since he doesn't blog on here, i decided to share in his place.

fun times. almost makes it worth it that he had to be at the office at 3 a.m. :)


megan said...

fun stuff!

you 2 are too cool for me!

The Facks of Life said...

how fun! matt is jealous. b will have to fill him in on all the details.

Jean said...

NICE!! Sounds totally fun for Brandon. Tim's office is almost totally empty right now because everyone's at E-3!!

Ash & Jon said...