Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool's indeed

i hate april fool's day. i always fall for pranks. but imagine my surprise when i walked outside to THIS today:

april 1 indeed.

we have one covered parking spot and one open spot. during winter i always made b park in the uncovered spot because i hate hate HATE scraping my windows from snow. i suck at it, it makes me late, i always end up w/ snow in my shoes, and it's cold. when he got the new car i said ok, now you can park in the covered spot because winter is over and you have a shiny new car. imagine my regret this morning. although you can't blame me for thinking i was safe because after all it IS april. barf.

then on my way to work i encountered some incredibly stupid people on the roads and proceeded to write a very strongly-worded blog post in my head about why i hate all the drivers in utah. it was vicious and made me wish i had a gun to blow out some tires. i also wish there are more ways to tell other drivers they are stupid besides honking and flipping them off. [i honk; i do not flip off. but i usually think about it.]

but now i'm at work and i've eaten my cereal and have had time to cool off. and i decided that life is good because i have a three-day general conference/easter weekend coming up and i have a healthy little baby rolling around in my stomach as i type. so i shouldn't let these minor things get to me. UNLESS someone pulls a stupid april fool's joke on me. then i'll be pissed.


Brandon and Erica said...

hahaha! Geez!! Maybe you should carry your Gargoyle magnet around with YOU today :) He will protect you from the April Fools jokes!

I have the best image of you in my head right now driving around Orem shooting people's tires flat and flipping them off. :)

And, if it makes you feel better: be glad you don't live where we live. I woke up to 4 inches on my car! I had to SHOVEL the snow off of my car because it was so heavy, and I got snow in my shoes AND on the drivers seat. FML

Angela and Mike said...

haha, I'll make SURE not to do an April fools joke on you. I was never really a fan of pranks. That was a pretty mean prank the weather pulled on you though...snow?!!! Lame!

jess and lacy said...

haha. you're funny.

sachia said...

Isn't being pregnant and experiencing road rage just the best? Zero to pissed in five seconds flat.

The Facks of Life said...

haha! oh how i miss you. and i'm sad that i'm missing out on your pregnancy. not fair!

Allison said...

Ha! awesome.