Thursday, April 29, 2010

bump update

tonight i wanted to take a new bump shot but felt the need for a different background. so, we walked down the street to a pretty little orchard near our house; these things are common in orem. the backdrop also provides a nice illustration of our schizophrenic weather -- springtime buds on the trees and snow on the mountains. make up your mind, winter! [and hopefully make it up to get the heck out.]

so we played in the trees for a bit. i'm 30 3/4 weeks today. i like to think i still look normal if you look at me head-on...what do you think? [black shirt probably helps camouflage, btw.]

but then i turn sideways and BAM! baby dub in all his glory:

p.s. don't mind my ghetto hair & makeup. we stayed out waaaaay too late to watch the jazz v. nuggets playoff game last night with friends, so this morning i opted for the lazy look.

b said "do your sound of music jump" so i tried to hop -- and almost ate it. i didn't realize it until today but my balance is SHOT. i even do yoga every week still, but apparently by holding onto the chair for my 3rd trimester-friendly poses i haven't noticed that i'm totally front-heavy. oh well. i held this pose for less than two seconds.

b got to make a cameo [and yes, he's growing a beard again]:

then we walked home and it started snowing. on april 29. barf. the end.


Jean said...

You are SO CUTE. Yay baby dub!!! You still look amazing, though. You're one of those cute skinny girls who doesn't look pregnant except in profile. :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

You are absolutely adorable.

Love it!!

Lacey said...

One cute mamma!!! I love the baby bump, I think they look adorable!!!

Angela and Mike said...

You are officially the cutest 30 3/4 pregnant girl out there! Seriously you look awesome. You haven't gained any weight anywhere except for where that cute little dub is chilling. Way to go...I can't wait for him to come in less than 10 weeks.

megan said...

you look soooo cute!!!! seriously. love the hair, scarf, black shirt...cute! almost convinces me to have a baby again. almost :-)

and btw...forget denver and come to ok like the rest of us :-)

Roxanne said...

you are the cutest. end of story.

The Facks of Life said...

You're cute! Can't wait to see you next week! yay!