Tuesday, April 13, 2010

two steps forward, one step back

this past weekend i officially entered the third trimester. i keep telling people this, like i should deserve some recognition or something, but i guess i'm just excited to reach the last "big" milestone of pregnancy. i'd been looking forward to this because now i feel like we're getting close to actually having the baby, but so far the 3rd just feels a lot like the 1st.

this morning i had to sit down while blow-drying my hair. that is a habit i adopted back when i was in my 24/7 nausea phase, which usually was followed by sitting down next to our hallway mirror to gag down some cereal and put on my makeup before crawling out the door to work. mornings were hard during the 1st tri, and my usual activities seemed to wear me out. i even had to sit down in the shower a few times because it was just so. much. work. around week 15 my energy levels started picking back up and -- miracle of miracles! -- i could actually stand up again while putting on my mascara!

sadly, not anymore. this morning it was back to sitting down. i've also spent a great deal of time trying not to throw up over the past few days, which is odd because i thought THAT WAS OVER.

let's be clear: i have not actually thrown up during this pregnancy. i chalk this up to a strong stomach and a severe aversion to said activity [it's been years since i actually got sick...maybe i've trained myself away from it?]. b likes to tell people this, usually coupled with an air of "so she's never really gotten that sick while pregnant." WRONG. this could not be more wrong. just because i'm not physically barfing doesn't mean i don't want to, or that i don't feel just as awful. nausea is no fun, my friends. and now it's back with a vengeance. along with headaches and going to bed before 10 p.m. every night.

i guess the only big difference i've got going on between now and the 1st tri is that i have a giant stomach and can feel / see the little guy moving around all day long. that is definitely my favorite part of being pregnant. so i guess i can hang in there for the 11 weeks i have left. :)

oh, and just fyi, i woke up to 3 inches of snow this morning. did you think spring was here? nope, it's not.


Season said...

I SO feel your pain! I started sitting down to put all my make up on in my first trimester too. Then I got used to it and like it and I still do. But every morning while I'm busy doing other things I usually have to sit down about three or four times. And the nausea is back for me too—how unfair is that? Hang in there!! (It only gets worse!) :)

Leandra said...

NO! ha ha I can't hear that. I'm on day 4 of not throwing up which is really exciting but I can't look forward to the 3rd trimester! bleh.

I also sit down while doing hair, makeup, teeth brushing etc. lol, glad I'm not the only one.

Maybe this will just last a couple of weeks and not the full time??? So sorry!

lyndsey said...

oh and p.s. don't worry, my skin has started breaking out again like crazy. thought THAT was over too. barf.

Brandon and Erica said...

Lynds! Your post almost made ME want to puke :) I'm so sorry you're back to the yucky-ness of pregnancy. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but HECK if I know :)

11 Weeks does NOT sound long though, you can do it! I can't believe you're almost having a baby. Geez. Crazy crazy crazy. And yay yay yay!

Britni and Chad Robertson said...

I'm sorry! At least you got a little bit of a break! I was sick the whole time, day and night! No fun!! You're almost done!!!

The Hunt House said...

I never threw up either but I felt like I wanted to all day. I'm not sure what is worse. I guess I'd rather not but then I never get that small window of relief after throwing up. YUCK. Feel better soon! It will all be worth it.

Chelsea said...

YAY for only 11 more weeks! I am sorry about the first/third trimester woes - the exhaustion, the nausea, all that jazz (I remember them only too well from Elijah - and I can relate to the constant nausea but not throwing up... I said it was like being car sick 24/7) - but in the last trimester I started having leg cramps and really bad heartburn so I hope that you don't have those horrors added to it. You're the cutest pregnant gal ever and I like to think of the lucky baby that is coming to your family at the end of all this!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Only 11 weeks left! Wow! And how did you NEVER throw up? I'm super jealous. I guess I'm just getting used to it, unfortunately...Can't believe you're moving to CO in three weeks - good luck with EVERYTHING!

Amy said...

I am so sorry! Everyone says the 3rd tri is the "honeymoon phase" of the pregnancy. I don't get it. I hope you feel better soon and be glad that you are hitting the hay before 10:00! It's a good habit to get into before the little one arrives!
P.S. Don't even get me started on the bad skin part of the pregnancy. Stupid hormones!

Jean said...

Sorry about the nausea comeback!! That's totally not fair - you should tell your body. I mean, it's one thing to have to deal with nausea during the first trimester, when there's nothing really else happening, but it's another thing when you have nausea + aches + giant belly + all the other joys that entail the 3rd. (haha) But seriously, I hope it goes away. Hang in there!! You're in the home stretch!!!!

dietcokegrrl said...

3rd Trimester already? YAY! Sorry about having the barfy feeling back. Yuck. Not fun at all.

My only advice is to drink lots of water--that will help with the headaches and maybe the nausea.

Hang in there! You are sooooo close!! XOXO

The Facks of Life said...

words of encouragement: in 11 weeks you can say..."one down...four more to go!" haha! ok, maybe only three....or two!

i'm going to plan a trip to colorado.