Thursday, April 29, 2010

utah driver

old license, meet new license

today i bit the bullet and got a utah drivers license. :(

it's a long story, but between letting my CA license expire almost a year ago and the slowness of the CA dmv bureaucracy and the pending move, i decided i'd just rather get it done NOW.

wasn't so bad, i suppose. fees are cheap here and dmv lines are short [two non-existent things in CA], so i didn't have too hard a time. they even let me keep my CA license after they punched holes in it [see above], something i was a little worried about. [why does my face always look SO fat in d.l. pictures??]

anyway, as part of the deal, i had to take a 25-question driver's ed exam and i was nervous about it. if i remember correctly, i barely passed that when i was 16. BUT, my worrying was for nothing! today i passed with 100%!

when i turned in my paperwork after the test, the utah dmv man said "congratulations! that is especially impressive seeing as how you came here from california. and we all know how californians drive."

you think california drivers are bad?!?! when you live in UTAH, the state with the stupidest drivers on the planet?? it was all i could do not to start ranting. i have mentioned it before but people around here DO. NOT. KNOW. how to drive. it makes me craaaaazy. and now i have PROOF! i get 100% on my driving test which shows i actually know what i am doing. i wish i could teach driver's ed classes around here to point out all the dumb things people do.

take that, utah.

okay, rant over. i'm sure not everyone is bad around here, but i've been cut off or annoyed a few too many times. at least in CA people know to get out of your way. bah. that's all. my official license comes in the mail in six weeks and now no one will ever know i'm not really a utah driver. [though my plates are still californian, thank heavens.]


dietcokegrrl said...


Sorry about losing the cherished CA license...but yes, cheaper fees and shorter lines.

And congrats on the 100%--YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!

Rachel Chappell said...

arizona drivers are terrible too.

Jean said...

I can't believe he made that comment!! Hahahaha!! Geez, man! Way to show them, Lyndsey. :-)

Chris and Paige Evans said...


Driving in California still scares me a little.

But I was ALWAYS scared for my life in Utah.

Jennifer said...

I'm not a huge fan of Utah drivers either, but I'd trust them on snow over a Californian anyday.

megan said...

I had to take the written and driving test to get my ok licence...NIGHTMARE. And long story.

but ugghh they felt the same way about CA drivers...