Monday, April 26, 2010

monday notes

1. today might be my last monday working full-time EVER. or at least for a very long time. this is both scary and liberating. i celebrated by having bottomless french toast at maqleby's fresh with b & my parents, who were in town this weekend. then i rolled into work late. oops.

2. one week & one day till we move! this is also both scary and liberating. have i started packing? nope, not at all. but i have a really awesome list going of things TO pack, once i start.

3. i have a nice little headache from said french toast. that syrup is just too good not to lick right up, but another fun pregnancy side effect no one told me about is that i just can't process insane amounts of sugar like i used to. boo.

4. remember when i hated boy clothes? tooootally don't anymore. you'll be happy to know there are actually a ton of cute baby boy things out there! big kudos to my crafty sister for making me some adorable male-friendly accessories...all those baby girls with ginormous flower headbands & tiny bracelets are gonna have NOTHING on baby dub.

5. only 10 weeks to go till we meet this baby! my feelings on this? see #1 & 2 above. basically i live my whole life these days alternating between terror and excitement, on every subject. be careful when asking me to make simple decisions like which jamba juice smoothie i want or whether i realllly want to buy those toms. i am prone to burst into tears [or a hysterical laughing fit] at any moment.
[just kidding. my emotions are actually pretty stable these days, unless someone decides to share a terrible story of a stillborn baby with me. other than that, i'd say i'm rolling with the punches quite well. bring on the job change / internship / move / baby!]

happy monday!


Leandra said...

I'll make one decision for you- YES on the Toms. I want those so so much. Baby Dub is gonna be so hip! Can't wait to see his version of the flower headband :). We find out in 3 weeks- so if it's a boy I hope you can help me learn how to dress him and be his friend and such :).

Mollie said...

I'm so excited for you Lyndsey! Good luck with everything.

Jean said...

Mmmm... bottomless French toast. My mouth is watering. I should probably go eat lunch.

So many changes so soon, Lyndsey!!! These are exciting times. Way to roll with the punches. I am soooo excited for your little nugget's fast-approaching arrival! (And I don't know if I mentioned this before, but you can NEVER go wrong in the cuteness factor with overalls for boys. SO CUTE.) :-)

Happy move!!! Good luck with the packing!

Amy said...

I agree...get the TOMS! You will love them. I wear mine almost daily! Maybe you will like them so much that once you put them on your feet you will be motivated and refreshed to start all your packing! Good luck and hang in there!

Angela and Mike said...

Yes, everything about your life right now is on such a HUGE scale. You don't just have a have a baby...while you are in a new place...and b is in a new internship...and you've just moved. You know how to make things exciting!

I want to know what your sister made for baby dub?!! Hello, I have a boy and I need boy cuteness passed on!

scrubgrub said...

Crazy to see you with the baby belly...I'm SOOO behind on blogging. I have 20 days left, and I feel even more unready, it's insane... but then again I'm not super you!!

I have found cute baby clothing for boys tends to be an investment; whereas, you can find cheaper cute baby clothes for girls. IMHO

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Working is so overrated :)

Can't believe you're due in 10 weeks - where did the time go?