Friday, October 1, 2010

j & g

i met my friend aimee in the dorms our freshman year of college. we kept in touch and even worked at the now-defunct marketplace cafe together [RIP, marketplace house salad]. fast forward through different states, a mission for her, husbands, etc -- we found out we were pregnant at almost the same time and our babies ended up just six weeks apart, so we've been able to compare notes all along the way.

conveniently we both live in utah and are both slummin it up as SAHMs, so we get together every friday for lunch and to talk baby stuff till our heads explode. it's so fun and i love having her around.

last week we snapped this picture of the two little dudes -- jack and grant, bff for life. [not to mention grant shares his name with pretty cool people...i.e. my brother.] this picture makes me laugh EVERY time. i love that they are holding hands and that they are looking at the camera like they have crazy moms, which is true.

p.s. j rolled over for the first time yesterday! a monumental day in the wells household.


Jillyboo said...

all the 3 month old ladies had better watch out!!

Brandon and Erica said...

adorable!! hahah.. J's face = priceless :)

Can't wait to join you every Friday for your lunch dates :) (yeah, totally inviting myself)