Saturday, August 28, 2010


whew! i think we made it through the worst this week; thank you for all the supportive comments. apparently this six week fussy thing is legit; one book said "plan ahead for your baby to become fussy; if possible, have your partner take a few days off work to help out." haha. sure. in my case, b went to moab for three days and left me here alone. no big deal.

j has been a lot better the past few days with more smiles like the one above. b got home from moab tonight and i went to pick up dinner. when i got home, i found j screaming while b tried to comfort him. as soon as i picked up the baby, he stopped crying and just melted into me. a fluke? maybe, but later tonight as the three of us sat on the couch, jack was smiling at me -- then b said hello to him and j burst into tears. it was hilarious, although a little sad for b. maybe jack really does love me after all!

now my husband is home, my baby is sleeping, and i'm deeply entrenched into my book :) i have high hopes for a better upcoming week.


dana said...

awww. cute!
I'm glad life is back to "normal". And it's kind of fun when the kids love mom more than dad :)

Jean said...

Okay, what book??

I am SO glad to hear that things are better. Of course J adores you!!!! You are an amazing momma, and he is so lucky to have you!!

The Facks of Life said...

things don't really start getting better until 3 months. if you can make it to 3 months, you can do anything! you can even grocery shop. :)

p.s. make b hold jack more, they need to get used to each other so you aren't the only one he will go to. it's hard to watch, but b will find a groove with the baby and you'll be glad your husband can calm and put the baby to sleep just as well as you.