Monday, October 25, 2010


our anniversary was low-key but awesome. we slept in, went shopping for our halloween costumes and snuck jack in to see social network. although i realize it's fine to bring a baby to a movie, i felt like i was doing something illegal and they were going to ask me to leave at any moment. then he woke up and started making noise and i felt even more guilty, so i spent most of the movie holding him down in the tunnel-hallway leading to the theater. not the most comfortable way to see a movie.

BUT i loved social network. i wasn't incredibly enthused to see it since i already know the story, but i thought it was so good. made me think a lot about pride, socialization, success, entrepreneurship. and it was kinda fun to watch a movie about a historical event that happened in MY lifetime, one that i feel like i sort of participated in. when i signed up for facebook, it was still and you had to have a college email address to get in and the wall was barely used. i've been wholly addicted to the stupid thing ever since :) [p.s. -- did anyone else notice that zuckerberg's roommate was played by joseph mazzello -- aka tim from jurassic park?!?! i was so excited.]

rounded out the day with a long nap for jack, brazilian food for dinner and incredible massages at solase. [thanks to brit for babysitting a wide-awake baby during our massage ;) ] it was a mellow, fun, happy day, despite [or because of] the fact we celebrated as a three-person family unit. four years down!


Britni and Chad Robertson said...

I'll watch him anytime! He is so stinkin cute and Trey loved him! Glad you had a good anniversary!

Amy said...

You are a brave one to bring a baby to a movie! I have been so nervous to take E because I have the same guilty feelings! He's now 3 and has still never stepped foot in a theatre! It sounds like you guys were able to pull off a pretty perfect day! Congratulations on 4 years and I'm pretty jealous about your massages! Sounds dreamy!

Megan said...

Congrats!! Your family is adorable :)

Brandon and Erica said...

You are such a pretty mommy!

Your 4 year sounded perfect, glad it was :)

And me = jealous about the massages...seriously.