Friday, October 29, 2010

snow + halloween

this is what we woke up to earlier this week:

barf. guess i can't say too much bad about it though, since it DID wait until october 27 to snow. i'm not quite as opposed to cold weather when i get to stay in my warm apartment instead of bundling up, scraping off my windows and going to work. maybe this winter won't be awful.

it's been a pretty good week despite the cold weather. jack definitely takes after me -- i've taken him out in the cold a few times, and he responds by pinching my neck, blinking rapidly and saying "ooh ooh ooh." i don't think he's a fan.

in other news, i've been listening to the new taylor swift cd on repeat all week [which i feel a little sheepish admitting, but hey, i got it on amazon for $3.99 and i gotta hand it to the girl, she writes some catchy stuff] AND i found my long lost regina spektor cd that's been missing for a year. another guilty-pleasure confession.

AND it's halloween weekend! i won't lie, i've been spontaneously bursting into giggle fits whenever i think about jack's costume. it cracks me up and i can't WAIT to see him in the full ensemble. he is so so cute. not to mention the fact that b has been working on his costume for a week and a half -- there's much anticipation in the wells household. [speaking of b -- in case you missed it, last night's community had a zombie theme to our utter delight...everything's coming up brandon these days.]

we've got a super fun weekend planned -- just have to find time to squeeze in the annual hocus pocus viewing and i'm pretty sure i'll be in complete bliss. oh, and i still need to watch the project runway finale but i'm super pumped about that too. life is good.

happy halloween!

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