Thursday, October 7, 2010

ye olde halloween

mmmm. quite possibly one of the best things about this ever-fabulous season: halloween oreos! pictured above is the third pack b & i have worked our way through so far, and it's only october 7. i've said it once and i'll say it again: having colored frosting inside oreos makes them ten times more delicious. maybe i love these even more than i love candy cane joe joes. maybe.

it's definitely fall around here. it's rained every day this week and yesterday i saw SNOW on the mountains. barf. but we're really excited for halloween. i've already got j's costume made and ready to go -- b wants to be starburns from community, but good luck growing out your facial hair long enough for that while simultaneously attending BYU, buddy. now i just need to figure out what I'M going to be.

i've also been getting a little crafty. i made this little wreath for our door, pictured below [got the idea from here] -- it was a mistake. i needed candy corn but target only had the jumbo-sized bag, and the wreath took way less candy corn than i'd anticipated, so now i find myself self-medicating with fistfuls of sugary candy whenever i'm stressed.

speaking of which, i really don't feel confident in my abilities to adequately dress a baby in utah winter conditions. all j's jackets and long-sleeve stuff is size 6 month, and he's def not there yet. i think he'll spend the next few months wrapped up in a snuggie.


Leandra said...

lol! this makes me feel way better about the fact that we've gone through 4- count 'em 4- packages of those stupid oreos. For some reason the colored frosting tastes SOOO much better. It's softer than the regular frosting.

Also love your wreath. I'm so impressed you made it yourself! Your decorations inspired me to get mine out. I wasn't going to decorate at all this year til I saw how cute yours were.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Mmm. Those do look good. If I hadn't gained 5 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK (I swear it was cuz I was wearing more clothes and holding my pee cup on the scale...) I'd go out and buy some right now :)

Katie and Nick said...

I love that wreath! And I may need to buy some of those Oreos!

Damaris said...

oreos are the bomb. i haven't seen this halloween one but i want to go out and buy some right now

Jean said...

Oh my gosh. Brandon HAS TO BE Starburns!!!! That is awesome!!!! I think that's the coolest costume idea I've heard so far. (The runner-up is the "hide your wife, hide your kids" guy on YouTube. Just a tank top and bandanna - pretty simple.)

I want Oreos. Not just any Oreos, either... I want the ORANGE ones. :-)

korie said...

I like your wreath better. It's not a busy.