Wednesday, October 20, 2010


celebrating four years of marriage today with the funnest guy i know. b makes me laugh harder than anyone else, he's easy on the eyes, and when i hear him reading curious george books to jack my heart just melts. i'm a lucky girl to be married to my best friend.

p.s. three-month-olds are officially too old to be brought to the movies in the "he'll sleep through it" phase.


Lambson Family said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! I remember going to ur wedding reception, I was pregnant with Eliza, but just barely, and I didn't know yet. I couldn't figure out why I didn't wanna eat ur yummy food! HAHA! Weird, the things people remember, eh? You 2 are one of the cutest couples ever! Have fun celebrating!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Jean said...


And I remember being kinda (really) disappointed when Weston stopped sleeping through movies. That started the age of bouncing him off to the side!! But don't worry, it'll pass!