Saturday, March 5, 2011


what a big day around the wells household! this morning i ran 8 miles, the furthest i've EVER gone. ever. i felt pretty proud of myself until i realized i still have six more weeks of training and i still have to go a lot further than 8 miles. oh well. for today, i am proud of myself. and i can't stop stuffing my face because i am SO hungry.

anyway, b and i went and saw the adjustment bureau after my run. loved the movie! man, following movies like the social network and this one, i really feel like i need to join a book club (movie club?) to discuss all the themes and social commentary featured in recent films. anyone care to join?

but going to the movie was monumental because it meant we got a babysitter for the little monkey. a REAL babysitter! one who was not related to him and / or did not come over and "babysit" [aka watch tv] while he was asleep in his room! what a novel idea.

i've come to the conclusion recently that jack needs to learn i will go away and come back, and i need to learn that he will be okay while i am gone. it's weird to think that in order for him to grow and develop, i actually have to be AWAY from him for short stretches of time. i was a little paranoid the whole time we were gone today, imagining the most horrible worst-case-scenarios, but he was with an amazing friend who i completely trust and guess what? everything was fine! of course it was. geez lyndsey, chill out.

and in other firsts news, jack can feed himself little finger foods and it is the cuuuutest thing ever. i think it's so fascinating to watch his little hands at work and see him figure out how to do things.

those target-brand puffs are challenging little buggers but mr. jack has conquered them:

hope you're having a wonderful weekend of first-somethings too :)


Angela and Mike said...

Way to go girl! Usually the babysitting thing is harder on me than it is on Colton!

Way to go on the running, you are awesome! and jack is so always.

Aimee and Jared said...

So proud of you, too! And I was so close to getting a babysitter tonight as well--except Jared got sick, so there was no going out anyway. Boo. We need to get our babies together soon. I love their cute little eating skills!

dana said...

wow! good for you! I've never ran that far, ever! congrats! and jack is such a cute smiley guy. love his expressions.

Jean said...

Awww, he is SO adorable! I agree, watching a little fella eating food on his own is pretty much the cutest thing ever!! They're so uncoordinated, and it's so precious!!