Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend in rexburg

just got home from a super fun weekend visiting my sister & bro in law in idaho! we had so much fun. rexburg is a cute [& freezing] little town and i love being with my sis.

on saturday we ventured down to idaho falls to check out the bodies exhibit [which i realize has been touring the country for years, but i always live in the wrong state when it comes to town!]. it was soooo cool. no photos allowed inside but jack liked the skeleton out front:

the human body is seriously amazing. i loved getting an up close and personal view to so many organs and muscles and everything else. when i think about what MY body has done in just the past year -- grew a baby, gave birth to that baby, nursed that baby for 8 months & counting, ran 11+ miles in one swoop -- it is even more remarkable. miraculous, really. [and in case you were wondering, giving birth was probably the easiest accomplishment on that list.]

we also caught up on parks & rec, did some crafts [which i'm sure you'll be able to see on rachel's blog very soon], took naps, read books, played with toys. it was blissful. and the first real weekend i've taken off from work in months!

thanks for the visit, rachie! we miss you already.

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Jean said...

Oh man... I am loving that fuzzy fuzzy head of his!!!