Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fun with computers

we have two laptops. b has a nice new one he bought especially for MBA school; i inherited the old laptop he used through college. this was a great arrangement except for the fact that my laptop sucks.

it's not really the laptop's fault...it's like seven years old and has been used for a loooot of stuff over the years. now it's prone to random freezing and slower-than-molasses running speeds, which i just can NOT handle when i have a ton of work to do and a very limited naptime in which to do it. [i literally run to my computer as soon as i stick jack in his crib and don't get up, except for oreo replenishing, until i hear him wake up.]

i guess b got sick of me constantly texting / calling him to tell him how much i hated my computer, because one day he came home with a brilliant solution: a rented desktop! woot. byu rents computers for suuuper cheap to students, and holy crap is this a nice model. it's brand new with a giant monitor and lightning-fast response times. i have google chrome [complete with google desktop notifications, my fave] and more storage space than i know what to do with. plus a mouse and new bookmarks and windows 7.

at first i was kind of skeptical of the idea, but now i am HOOKED. i might never give this one back. it makes work [and my online social life] so much easier. for now, i'm using the rental, and when b graduates and gets a real job, i'll just inherit the newer laptop. or we'll just get rid of all of them and get a desktop :)

work has actually been a little slower this week and i'm loving it. it's been tricky finding a wahm balance, but i think i'm getting there. between work and crafts and outings and marathon training and household maintenance and church stuff and husband time and giving my almost-8-month-old my undivided attention, i've felt a little stretched...but with a smaller work load AND a new computer, things are definitely evening out.

anyway, as if that wasn't cool enough news from my technology world, check this out. tonight i was leaving a comment on my mom's cute blog [the midlife guru -- aimed at middle-aged women, but my twenty-something self kinda loves the posts anyway] and [dana this is for you] GUESS WHAT the word verification word was?!?

WELLS. yes, that's right. blogger knows my name and wanted to say hello. thanks, blogger! and thank you, technology, for solving all my problems.

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