Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wet nose

lately j has been getting sort of cranky in the evenings, which i'm pretty sure is a by-product of his teething. he just whines nonSTOP and sometimes it makes me crazy, so we usually just go out and run errands so i don't have to sit there trying to entertain him. one night last week b was at school late so it was just me and the kiddo and we were hanging out on the couch -- and guess what ended up curing jack of his whiny-ness? he grabbed my face with both of his tiny little hands and sucked on my nose. no more whining, no crying, nothing. he just froze, stared into my eyes and sucked on my nose like a guppy.

possibly the grossest AND cutest thing to ever happen to me. i was totally repulsed at first [i am, after all, the girl who hates to be touched, and you definitely better NEVER touch me with anything wet] but he was just so frozen and happy about it that i let him go for it. babies are funny. and life as a mommy is pretty funny too.

in other news, yay! it's christmas time! i hosted a little holiday brunch for my grandparents this morning and it got me thinking -- why the crap don't we do brunch parties more often? they are super fun and much more novel than having people over for dinner. plus, any excuse for rhodes cinnamon rolls is all right by me.

most of my presents are wrapped, the disaster that was my dining room after my craft supplies exploded all over it has been mostly cleaned up, laundry is in the washing machine as we speak. i'm feeling pretty good about this holiday season despite the fact that we don't have a christmas tree this year :( [long story...but we'll have one in california! yay!]. hooray for christmas.


Angela and Mike said...

Nothing like a cute baby to break down your old ways of NOT being touched haha. So cute.

and isn't teething the worst? I'm pretty sure it sucks. sorry.

Katie said...

That made me laugh out loud for real. How cute!