Wednesday, June 1, 2011

grant is 1

jack is almost 11 months old, which means his 1st birthday is right around the corner. his bff, grant (my friend aimee's baby) just turned one last week! hooray. i have LOVED living close to aimee the past two years. we've been together through it all: pregnancy complaints, labor comparisons, weekly play dates, swim lessons, marathon training...i love my aimee!

anyway, to celebrate granty's birthday, we partied it up last week. on his actual bday, we went to thanksgiving point to see the farm animals! both boys [and moms] loved it.

the babies even got to pet a goat!

then, on saturday, we went to grant's party. aimee did a ridiculously amazing job planning the cutest hungry caterpillar party on the planet [which i am fully qualified to say, since this is one of my clients]. i mean seriously. look at these photos.

she made little caterpillar headbands for the kiddos. jack yanked his off in five seconds but not before we got a pic!

plus, our OTHER bff, erica, came to the party also. [she has an under-1 baby too, tenley, and plays with us frequently as well...but she lives allll the way in slc so it's not as often as i'd like.] the three of us met in the dorms in college and have been friends ever since. i love seeing these girls and i love that our babies are all just a few months apart.

yay for friends! and yay for jack's birthday coming up. although upon arriving at grant's party, b looked at me and said, "wow. hope you're going to step it up for jack's party." lol. promises.


Sarah said...

cute cute party! and I am so jealous of that you guys live so close and have so much fun together! You all look amazing!

The Mid Life Guru said...

That was the cutest party ever. Hip Hip Hooray for Aimee for planning such a fun event for Granty. BTW, I have no doubt that Jack's first shindig is going to be amazing, knowing his mom like I do. Can't wait!!!

Aimee and Jared said...

LYNDSEY!!Thanks a MILLION for documenting Grant's birthday for me while I was too busy going party crazy. We are lucky to have you guys. Thanks for spending Grant's special day with him. I can't wait to celebrate Jack's, and don't pretend for a minute it isn't going to be SUPERB.

Ashley said...

so jealous!