Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a new year

after two glorious rainy weeks in california, we arrived back in utah tonight to a pile of snow and a minor catastrophe with jack [almost as bad as the time he fell off the couch, but not quite. don't ask me about either one because i'll prob burst into tears, but just know that everything is fine now and thank you for your concern]. besides those two things, it's SO GOOD to be back. love my own bed and love our tiny junk-filled apartment. ahh, home crap home.

i've got a billion things to blog about and a to-do list a mile and a half long. why is it so hard to come home from a trip?? bah. one day i'll get my head above water. in the meantime i'll just write short cryptic blogs at 1 a.m. while i listen to my baby try to readjust to sleeping in his crib over the monitor. did i mention i HATE getting out of bed? i'd rather stay up on the couch half the night than have to keep crawling out from under my sheets five times in twenty minutes.

today during the drive [which takes about 10 hours if you're traveling with an almost-six-month old] we stopped for bathrooms, samples and hot dogs at the st. george costco and jack got to ride in his very first cart! complete with germs! and an attempt at sucking on the railing! sick. guess i'll be googling "how to make a shopping cart cover" very soon because i loathe germs. but jack sure was proud of himself and i think he looked pretty adorable all grown up:

and since this is the first post of the year, i'll leave you with my underwhelming four goals for 2011 [which you already know if you follow me on twitter]. we're aiming high this year, folks:

1. stop committing to things i don't want to do [or stop complaining about it if i do say yes]
2. figure out how to wear red lipstick & then actually wear it. also, dress up more.
3. use my bosch
4. plan & execute our first family vacation as wells, party of 3

woot. and that's it, for personal goals at least. as a family, we're taking a page from my hero gretchen rubin and giving 2011 a one-word simple theme. i think we'll go with "boom-start," a term from b's mba program that to us means to kick things off in a big way, move forward, achieve. pretty good goal for a year that has us starting out in orem UT and ending up just about anywhere on the planet.

hooray for 2011! now i'm going to bed.


Jen said...

Yay for Cart rides. He's super cute. Also, this lipstick thing reminded me that I've been meaning to ask you about the nail polish you were wearing in the hospital pics when J was born. It was seared into my brain as a color I want.

Season said...

"home crap home." (Snort) Feel ya' on that. I couldn't wait to return to our pit.

megan said...

i love your resolutions! simple and achievable. i'd love to learn to wear red lipstick too...any color lipstirck really....i always feel like an old lady when I try it :-)

i know i haven't commented in awhile, but love reading your posts and hearing what's new! happy new year

The Mid Life Guru said...

A few thoughts:
1) If you are planning your vacation, it will be AWESOME (your first attempt doing Disney World was the best trip ever)
2) Go to the MAC counter before Valentine's Day when everyone will be finding red lipstick
3) Hooray for Boomstart

La La Land said...

Gasp. You need to get a shopping cart cover ASAP. Just buy a cheap on until you make one. I'll sleep better at night knowing that little J isn't sucking the germs of all of those gross Costco shoppers.

I loved mine, and Alice even took a nap or two in it while I shopped. :)

Leandra said...

Sorry I asked about the catastrophe. That was dumb of me- BUT I'm really glad you're home. I was thinking that maybe over the next 2 weeks I can help you fall in love with parks and rec before the premiere? Think about it. You, B, me, J, J, S. lol. It could be good.

2x2momma said...

Jack looks soo excited to be riding in a shopping cart. I love that age, it doesn't take much to get them smiling so huge like that. What a cutie!