Monday, July 11, 2011

back to work

today is b's first day of work! hooray.

my mom is here visiting, and i'm glad because i think i'd be crazy lonely if i didn't have her to hang out with. it has been SO fun having b around 24/7 the past three months and i really miss him already.

last week we did a bunch of touristy things and tried to squeeze the most out of b's last week of freedom, before he's chained to a desk for the rest of his life. [post on additional seattle adventures to come.] here's b and jack checking out the seagulls on the pier -- i love my boys:

grad school gave us the perfect little departure from regular life -- i loved his flexible school-year schedule and being able to meet him for lunch, having him come home in the middle of the afternoon, etc.

plus, the whole late-job-offer thing gave us three months of complete freedom after graduation. i wasn't too sure about this set-up at the beginning but it turned out to be perfect. our little family of 3 was together all the time and i loved it. we ran errands together [lucky for me, my husband loves target], watched parks & rec reruns in the middle of the day, went to the pool, etc. -- not to mention i got extra time to do things while j was awake because i had a built in babysitter :) jack has been so lucky to have his daddy here to play with him nonstop while he's at such a fun age. none of our other kids are going to be able to say that.

it's weird to have him gone, also, because the last time b worked full time -- i worked full time too. and we worked in the SAME place. we left at the same time every morning and rode the train into the city together. now, he leaves and i stay home. odd.

we miss you, b! have fun at work!


Leandra said... was the first day back? :)

Jean said...

Hooray for B!!! Hope it was a great day! And don't worry about staying home. Now it's time for lots of morning dates with your little boyfriend Jack!

carynthemom said...

I am thrilled to death to be here for the big transition. Thanks for inviting me to hang out. xxoo