Saturday, July 30, 2011

<< rewind: see ya, utah

now that we've been in seattle for officially a month, i figured i better recap some of our last utah days before they're lost to the annals of history.

even though our utah apartment was totally gross, i kind of miss it. jackal hit a lot of milestones in that place, and it was our home for two whole years (minus that random summer internship thing). plus it had swings right outside. we miss you, swings!

and there was a giant field next to the swings. we liked to hang out there on sunny mornings, and seeing these pictures is like a little time warp flashback. jack was happy, i was happy, the grass was gorgeous and green. it was a perfect summer morning.

and we had the BEST neighbors on the planet. leandra and i worked together at american crafts, and she & her little fam moved in right next door while we were in colorado. i looooved having her right next door -- i could run over to tell her whatever popped into my head, jack & sophie could play together to their hearts' content, and we always had buddies for random saturday lunches or swing dates. WE MISS YOU :(

obviously the babies are bff. they really do love each other, you just can't tell.

we got a new couch, finally. it came home to us three days before we packed it up and shipped it to washington. just in time.

this is the living hell we survived in for three days:

then, like i didn't have enough going on, the night before we flew to seattle i spoke at a utah blogging summit. my session was about PR 101 for bloggers...thrilling, i know. [also, most of the tweets about my presentation were about the gold leaf necklace i was wearing, rather than my content, so not sure if that's a win or a lose.] here's me being super serious.

b and jack picked me up from the summit and we spent the night at a hotel in provo since all of our stuff was on a truck somewhere. woke up the next morning, had breakfast [fyi, marriott breakfast buffets are all i craved while i was pregnant, and they are still sooo good], said goodbye to a few final friends, passed our cleaning check with our landlord, picked up some cafe rio and headed for the airport. bye, utah!

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Leandra said...

awww, you WERE the best neighbors!!! It's just too bad that picture of Jack and Sophie doesn't show their normal activities together- of trying to grab out each other's eyes :). Miss you even more now!