Sunday, July 31, 2011

one cool hat

jack hates hats. if i put anything on his head, he yanks it off after five seconds. [this is really sad b/c he looks adorable in hats.] but yesterday b wore a new hat all day [one of his birthday presents...he turned 29 on thursday if you didn't know] and when he took it off in the afternoon, jack was ALL over it. kept trying to put on the hat, wouldn't move till he had it, then took off like a shot crawling around the room when he knew it was on his head.

i mean, seriously? this kid is the cutest.

in other news, jack is taking his 10th flight this week. i need some fresh ideas for in-flight entertainment [kind of dreading it since he's so mobile now] and will be hitting up target's dollar section this week for ammo. travel suggestions are welcome!


'Hel said...

8 days tillI get to hold that crazy little kid! =D

Jean said...

Awesome hat, awesome shirt. Awesome kid. (Awesome parents.)