Monday, July 18, 2011

touring seattle

we've been busyyyy around here! let's start at the beginning.

hello seattle!

the week before b started work, we bought a city pass [this thing is genius, it gives you discount admission to all the touristy stuff] and spent a few days downtown.

we went to the experience music project:

verdict: the boys liked the guitar sculpture, i liked the nirvana and jimi hendrix exhibits. how awesome is a museum dedicated to rock & roll?! answer: very awesome.

we went to the space needle:

verdict: we like tall landmarks [see also: empire state building, eiffel tower, etc etc] and this one delivered. it was windy at the top and seemed easy to throw stuff off the ledge. don't feel like i need to do it again, especially after learning about this secret from not martha.

we took a harbor cruise:

verdict: jack thought it was sooo cool to look over the side of the boat. for 20 minutes, anyway, and then he was over it. we learned about seattle's history, skyline and trivia facts while sailing through the sound on a gorgeous day -- it was totally worth it. loved it.

we went to ye olde curiosity shoppe:

verdict: this place was BANANAS. it's just a little shop on the pier, full of the most random crap you've ever seen -- real mummies, shrunken heads, bones, mermaids. we ran through it on our way home to get our cars from the transport service, but i wish i had more time to check it out.

we also spent our days hanging by the pool, unpacking, meeting up with friends passing through town, trying a few new restaurants and going to target daily. so basically, the usual. my mom came into town and then b started work on july 11!


Roxanne said...

I love it---and it totally makes me miss Seattle--i need to visit.

Jean said...

Wow, that shop is CRAZY!!!