Saturday, August 6, 2011


just got done with a whirlwind three days in san diego for blogher11. that's a blogging conference i've wanted to attend for years, and this year i finally got to go thanks to a corporate sponsor and a freelancer schedule.

i'm still trying to process my thoughts on the whole thing, but let's just say it was amazing. i was MADE for this conference, both as a blogger [come on, read the stationery place!] and as a communications professional -- it was so refreshing to be around people who "get" my industry. from meeting face to face with friends (whom i'd only known online, beforehand) to networking to reconnecting with old friends to learning more about the social media space to feeling inspired and enriched, i got it all.

it was a bit overwhelming (at 3,000+ attendees, this is by far the biggest blog conference around) but blogher delivered everything i was hoping for and more. like this.

a. me and gretchen rubin [go read her book!!] -- who was super gracious and nice -- in the expo hall
b. rooftop bar at the hotel solamar
c. amazing cake at the hostess with the mostess party
d. giuliana rancic just hanging out, no big deal

and speaking of pseudo celebrities, i walked past this blogger in the hotel lobby and did a major double take. i literally changed direction, ran right up to her and gushed my adoration all over the place like an idiot. she was super nice and even asked for my business card [she said: "oh, cool! i love stationery!" and then i died.] and i said hi to nella and that was it. eep.

[i'm a dork.]

and where was jack during all this? my awesome mom came down to sd for the weekend to babysit, so i could soak up all the blogging goodness. they had a blast together and visited me during lunch.

we miss b of course, who couldn't get away seeing as how he barely started his new job. but if we have to be somewhere, california is a great place to be. especially when it's full of bloggers.

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