Thursday, August 4, 2011

a tip on diapering

soooo here's a good one for ya.

monday night, we put jack to bed wearing just a t shirt and diaper because it was hot and we don't have a/c in seattle since the temperature never gets above 80. we could hear him talking to himself and playing in his crib, but he wasn't crying so we left him there. my rule is, if he's not crying, don't bug him just let him go to sleep when he wants to.

so, left him we did. but the weird thing was, he babbled in there for almost two hours. hmmmm. normally he goes to sleep pretty quick, so that was different. i even went for a run and came back and he was still talking. he sounded so happy and playful in there, though.

woke up the next morning and went in to get him and what did i find? the result of all that happy playtime.

jack had taken off his diaper, pooped in the crib, thrown it overboard onto the carpet and rug. i'm pretty sure he might have eaten some judging by the poop on his face. it was in his hair, on his hands and feet, on his legs and rubbed all over the railings. he slept all night in that stuff!!! i took pictures (for posterity, of course) but you should thank me because i will refrain from sharing them here.

if you know ANYTHING about you me you know that i am completely averse to gross stuff, so this just about sent me over the edge. i freaked. bath and disinfecting for j, bleach-cleaning of his entire crib, oxy cleaning of the carpet, immediate hot laundry for the sheets/bumpers/mattress cover.

not the most fun way to start your day. b, of course, thought it was no big deal. to quote him: "all kids do this kind of stuff." uhhhh...pretty sure that's not true, but if it is we're never having another kid.

anyway. moral of the story: always ALWAYS make your kid wear pants (or shorts, or a buttoned onesie) to bed. you never know what adventure they will discover. and i guess i've officially been inducted into mommyhood. like my own mom said -- after this, cleaning up barf will be a breeze.


Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

OMG. This happened to my cousin and she posted pics, thanks for sparing us! If that ever happens with our baby, Nate better be around, there is no way I will be able to handle that! You're a strong woman!

Suzana said...

ugh. i can't imagine how gross that must have been. molly's starting to get wise about being able to take off her diaper but thank goodness we haven't had any "accidents" like yours. glad to know it didn't cause any permanent damage to jack... gross gross gross. i do however agree with brandon, that most kids will do that kind of thing if they can figure it out. :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I actually do want to see a picture haha. What a crazy ordeal!!

Melanie said...

Jeff and I call it "poop finger painting". It has happened several times at our house, and it is totally disgusting. Henry went through a short phase where even if he hadn't pooped, he would take off his pants before falling asleep. We started putting him to bed in one-piece pajamas, and let him take a book or toy to bed so he wouldn't get bored.

Congratulations on your induction into mommy hood! You're awesome.

The Hunt House said...

remember...we've been there
i still think puke is worse

'Hel said...


Michelle said...

I failed to mention to my sister-in-law when we left Cade (18 mos at the time) with her that she should never put him to bed in just a diaper. He painted the crib and the walls in poop the first chance he had. Fast forward 6 years and now I am repaying her and watching her boys. My brother told me it would not be equal payment if the boys didn't paint my walls in poop and for me to beware !! :) LOVE this post. Sure wish I could have been there for you to freak out!

Jean said...

Ohhhhhh FUN!! Poor Lyndsey. Well, thanks for letting me learn the easy way (about onesies to bed) while you had to learn the hard way. :-) Ew ew ew!! However, I will always take poo over boogers. I HATE BOOGERS.