Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to work + 9/11

we're home! hooray. i'll be digging out of my inbox for the next 3 weeks if you need me.

in the meantime, check out this PSA produced by one of my clients. i've been working hard for the past six months on spreading awareness about 9/11 in light of next month's 10 year anniversary. did you know september 11 is now designated a national day of service and remembrance? our goal is to get every man, woman and child to do an act of service on 9/11/11 to remember those we lost 10 years ago.

this is a sensitive topic to me, as it is to everyone in the country (read my past thoughts here) and i feel really privileged to be part of such a special campaign.

[warning: i get choked up every time i watch this and i bet you will too.]

the PSA was released last week (during SYTYCD, lol) and will be on TV, radio, billboards and online throughout the coming weeks. you can also read about MyGoodDeed and 911day in the september issues of reader's digest, family circle, real simple, shape, the costco connection, redbook and others.

go to 911day.org to share what YOU will do to remember 9/11 this year.

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