Wednesday, August 31, 2011

<< rewind: mom visit

geez i am so behind! before it turns into 2012 i figured i should catch up. back in july my mom came to visit [for the birthdays of course] and we had some seriously fun seattle adventures.

one day we toured boehm's candies, a chocolate factory right here in lovely issaquah washington. i was in love -- i mean, hello, it's chocolate -- because it's all german inside and out. they even make mozart kugeln which you can buy all over europe. yum!

you can see the candy factory through some windows in the back -- they even have a chocolate conveyor belt just like on i love lucy. awesome.

another day, we met up with my friend natalie & her girls at remlinger farm to pick raspberries! you will probably think i'm a totally naive city slicker for saying this but i seriously couldn't get over how COOL it is that i can drive 30 minutes and go pick raspberries on a real farm. what?! how is this legal? i mean, i paid for it, but that is so awesome. i've never been to a farm before this. washington is the best.

this is what a raspberry plant looks like in case you're wondering:

jack spent most of the day like this:

he was in heaven, crawling through all that dirt and eating raspberries. i, on the other hand, tried not to flip that he was getting filthy. i guess this is just the beginning of being a boy-mom.

those poor jeans :( [roxanne, we love the shoes!!!]

luckily mom was hard at work picking berries while i was baby-chasing, and we made off with a great collection. we brought them home and made freezer jam and a berry tart. MMM.

we loved having grammie visit! and now we are officially caught up.


Leandra said...

you and your mom are such cute twins. And I'm so glad that she was able to come spend time with you! And those raspb's look amazzzzing. I'll take one jar of that jam please :)

Roxanne said...

oooooh! I love the shoes too! And now that he's walking, he can break them in!! how fun!