Friday, August 26, 2011


jack has had a big week! on wednesday, august 24 he WALKED. it looked a lot like this:

he's just a wobbly mummy-armed blur most of the time. but he's really proud of himself.

before this he had mostly "walked" either by holding our hands or by falling forward with his legs moving in a semi-walking fashion. on wednesday, he'd actually walk across the room alone, stopping to regain balance along the way. it's adorable.

and since this is the week of jack updates, let me also tell you that he can point to both his tummy and his ears if you ask him where they are. and he will growl at you if you ask him what sound a dog makes. i'm so proud of him i might explode. heaven help me when he actually strings a sentence together.

he also still makes the squinty smiley face when he's in a good mood. nothing makes me happier than seeing those two loner baby teeth:

in other news we've also officially switched to being a one-nap household. i was seriously dreading this day, but i gotta say it's not so bad. that one nap is usually 2.5 hours long, so i can definitely handle this set-up.

he's also becoming increasingly affectionate and will crawl/walk over and plop himself in my lap for TV or story time. he sort of gives kisses and will bury his head in my lap/stomach/shoulder before giving me a hug. i love this kid.


Tracy said...

Yay, a birthday present to me! Jack walking on my b-day. Also feeling like a bad mom as I haven't really been working with baby C on things like body parts and words other than Momma. I just make him do crazy head (because it is hilarious) and think maybe I'm subconsciously stunting his growth because I'm sad that he's not a baby any more.

Angela and Mike said...

WHAT!!! NO way? Walking...talking...growling...snuggling...!! What a big boy. He is too cute.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

YAY for walking!! You gotta let me know if this makes life easier or harder or no difference :) Go Jack go!

Jean said...

Wow, what a guy!! Walking AND single-napping?! Go Jack!!

Roxanne said...

Such a big kid!!! How fun. H
e's adorable...and you are HOT!