Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sugar-high aftermath

our halloween ended up better than anticipated. jack and i spent the afternoon crunching through leaves and visiting target, where everyone was already dressed up. then we got together with some friends from LA for chinese food and a 6-house trick-or-treating extravaganza in their neighborhood, which was FILLED with small children in costume. just the way halloween should be! jack had no idea what was going on [and let's be real, i don't think he's ever walked anywhere in the dark before] but was such a good sport to collect candy for mommy & daddy try it out.

are these not the cutest little trick or treaters ever? ewok & skeleton:

we were home by 7 p.m., put jack to bed, and i headed to the gym to work off my halloween bounty.

today we visited one of my best friends from high school, who lives in puyallup. puyallup is far. it was so so good to see her and i love catching up with longtime friends. and jack loved playing with her daughter.

since jack was such a good boy for our crazy day of road-tripping, i took him to the park when we got home. supervising a one-year-old at the park kind of sucks. his whole up the stairs / through the tunnel / down the slide routine gets old by the 20th round, and i crawled through that plastic tunnel ONE too many times because now my knees are killing me. geez i'm getting old. we did, however, meet another mommy with two little kids and had a nice little chat. it's amazing how easy striking up a conversation can be once kids are your point of contact.

by the time we got home i was WIPED. it was all i could do to get a mickey mouse clubhouse episode going before i landed a power nap on the couch. [oh come on, you know you've done it!] is it the weekend yet?

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Aimee said...

"Misca Moosca, Mickey Mouse!" I try to limit our intake around here, too, but that VERY show has saved me some mornings when I just can't seem to get moving. Thank you for validating me.