Sunday, February 19, 2012

desert weekend

last weekend, the 3 of us took a quick trip to lovely phoenix, arizona. my grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousins live there and i had been missing them -- not to mention, ditching seattle for some nice desert air in the middle of winter is always a good idea.

jack LOVED checking out all the cactus, throwing rocks and playing outside in the sun. except when that sun got in his eyes. he cried a lot and kept rubbing his face. it's so sad how quickly we've become no-sun people! boo. 

we went out to eat, read books, slept in -- a relaxing long weekend was just what the doctor ordered. one day during naptime, b and i even squeezed in a kid-less trip to the pool! 80 degrees & a sunburn in february? yes please. 

the best part, of course, was spending time with my family and doing a little sight-seeing. one day we went to arizona's largest candy store and it was probably the highlight of my weekend. behold, a whole aisle of sour candy! wowza. 

jack hates taking pictures, but he loooves my aunt's dog, maddie. he chased her all over the house and even let her lick his face. he helped my aunt take her for a walk two nights in a row, by holding onto the leash and walking around the entire neighborhood! not a small feat for those little legs. and, after dining on my uncle's amazing filipino cooking skills for two meals, i was happy to accompany them on said walks. 

we also went to a model train exhibit, which was probably jack's favorite part of the weekend. he was SO amazed by the trains that drove around by themselves -- i was amazed by the intricate, detailed tiny villages the owners had created. guess i wasn't aware that this is a huge hobby for some people. takes my polly pocket collection (circa 1995) to a whole new level. 

jack loved spending time with his g-grammie and g-granddad! this photo [snapped by b when we were walking out of church] just warms my heart. 

thanks for a great trip, az! obviously jack was heartbroken to leave. hopefully we'll be back soon!

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Brandon and Erica said...

Dear Jack: you are adorable but you are HUGE. Stop growing up!!

Can't believe every time I check your blog, your little man has grown up even more. Cuter and cuter each day, I tell ya.

Glad you escaped to AZ again...lucky little travelers!

Miss you!