Friday, February 24, 2012

cookie therapy

omg. toddlers are the worssst.

jack screamed his head off pretty much the whole morning. visited a cute elderly couple from church...he cried so much the adorable old man decided to go take a nap halfway through the visit, despite the fact that the adorable old woman kept bringing in old cars and trucks from her "grandkid stash" to try to distract jack. nothing more embarrassing than two people (who raised 6 kids) observing your clueless, inept parenting skills. drove to joann's fabrics (i live right in the middle of two joann's fabrics and BOTH are 20+ minutes away, so annoying)...he screamed the whole way. did okay IN joann's because there were plenty of cool things to pull off the shelves and throw on the floor. drove home from joann's...screamed the whole way, except for the 5 minutes of peace i got by feeding him a fruit strip; once that was gone it was back to screaming. got home, tried to feed him lunch...more screaming, back-arching, plate-throwing, etc.

what to do? i just put him to bed of course -- my go-to response when i don't know what else to do with the kid. he fell asleep within 4 minutes. i then proceeded to the kitchen and ate 4 chocolate chip cookies, which i baked last night and have already regretted. sometimes you really need some cookies.

i think i'm just in a bad mood overall. boring work week, a few personal setbacks, too much comparing myself to other people. i can't WAIT for the weekend mostly because we finally got ourselves a babysitter (could not get one. single. person. to babysit over the past three weeks!) and we are finally going to dinner & to see the artist, something i have been dying to do for a month now. that is, assuming we are still going. b has an ear infection (i know this because a doctor come to our house at 1:30 a.m. last night...i didn't even know you could get a doctor to do housecalls, thanks microsoft) and we all know how well men handle pain / sickness. he & jack have had the same snotty, coughing cold all week so who knows, maybe jack has an ear infection too and that explains all the screaming. or we could just chalk it up to molars, growth spurt, deep hatred of everything i do, etc.

also, you know what's weird? the fact that my life is pretty much compartmentalized based on how much we've moved. i'm working on creating volume 2 of my blog-to-book series (2009 - 2010) and i've almost forgotten about all the crazy stuff we did. things like chasing crazy people through subway stations and touring movie landmarks and happy babysitter-free weekends in LA -- things that totally make up who i am, though none of my current friends would even know about them. i miss those days.

so anyway. i think i'll take the afternoon off.


Mike and Jen said...

word up tito's tacos! i have been dying to get back to that place.

sounds like our joann's trips have been quite similar as of hard to browse for fabric with an antsy toddler.

doctor house calls for softies? I never knew! Very Royal Pains...and I love that show.

Also, the babysitter thing? Ridiculous! We called 5 last week! Needless to say we are probably not going to be getting our "last night out as parents of 1." Lame.

La La Land said...

Cookies always help. And as I was reading about Jack screaming, I thought, "he probably has an ear infection." Poor guy...poor Mommy!

Aimee said...

This sounds just like me lately.

Suzana said...

i can't tell you how many days i have where i feel like i'm going to literally explode. it's the worst. you gotta live for the good days, because there will always be more. :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I hope this stage/phase of whining/complaining passes soon. Fox has been doing the same thing for a couple weeks now so I'm looking to you and Jack to see how long it lasts! Good luck!

The Mid Life Guru said...

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Hang in there. xxoo

Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

Sounds about like my week. Newborn crying wasnt so bad. But the ear piercing screams?! Ahhhh. Ya. It's been all week long here, too. Thanks for not making me feel bad for calling Nora the beast. And have I mentioned noise canceling headphones?? You can still hear them, so it's not child abuse :) just takes the edge off.

Brandon and Erica said...

Lucky for you, I still think you're cool even though all you do is clean up fruit strip messes and plate tantrums :) And I even knew you back in the Europe-galavanting, subway station running, babysitter-free days....and guess what, you're cooler to me now than you were back then ;)


Angie O said...

Yep... toddlers are the worst... *sigh* I've been told it gets better, but we'll see. I think mine Will still be screaming when she goes to college.