Thursday, February 16, 2012

rough morning

i think we all woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. i was tired [been staying up too late and getting up too early all week], jack was grumpy [6 molars, a runny nose and the typical frustrations of being a 1-year-old] and only so much mickey mouse clubhouse can fix that kind of morning, especially when it's only 830 a.m.

so what did we do? went to target, of course. the solution for all of life's quandaries. except for the requisite car ride...which jack let me know he did NOT like. though he looks merely sad and pathetic in this shot, he was actually pretty pissed. mama was having a rough day.

by the time we got there, it was raining. surprise, surprise. this is a pretty typical view for me these parking lot, rain, cranky kid. ha.

once we were inside, life was better. i found some turquoise slip-ons, jack found a loofah sponge with a rubber ducky head, all was well. i even let jack play in the toy aisle, which turned out to be genius because five minutes later our BFFs monica & violette randomly showed up in the same aisle. it was an official party.

finished up, grabbed our groceries and headed home so the dragon could eat lunch and go to sleep. which he is currently still doing, for almost the past 3 hours. guess he was tired! i am really, really grateful for naptime. i think both moms and kids need it very badly.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Amen to naps. My saving grace.

Leandra said...

Oh thank goodness for Target! i really don't know where I would be some days without it. Whenever we are angry or bored or just don't have anywhere else to go I always think it's fun to just go walk around target for a bit.

And I'm all for naps. The more the merrier! I hope he woke up feeling better and you felt a little rejuvenated after as well!