Wednesday, February 8, 2012


oh, hey. yes, we're still alive. it's been a busy week around here! b spent three days in tampa and atlanta last week, flying around on msft's private jet, no big deal. jack and i occupied ourselves with plenty of play dates, work meetings and SUN!

we had the most gorgeous five-day sunshine spell over the weekend and it was glorious. i guess my last post was a good omen. i mean, come on! 60 degrees in seattle in february?! what is this, miami beach?

we went to the park a few times to take advantage of the vitamin D. i keep a towel in my trunk at all times for our impromptu park outings, since even if it's sunny all the equipment is still wet and needs mommy to wipe it down prior to use. jack is too funny -- whenever we're driving in the car and the sun shines on him, he cries. guess we're official seattle-ites. here he is, playing in the little train at the park -- notice how he chose to sit only in the shady spot.

today, we got a quick reminder that things always work out for the best. the company b interned with during business school announced that they're closing down that office & moving the business to another state. if you recall our job hunt saga, he had originally hoped for an offer from them -- and if he had ended up working there, we'd now either be out of a job or forced to move far away. i feel really blessed by how things worked out!

and, my work is -- as always -- busy. i think i have a problem with taking on too much ;) it's all so fun though, and i feel lucky to be able to do work i love. being a mom is my favorite thing and still takes up most of my time -- but once naptime comes around, i'm off to my computer to be a professional again for a few hours.

this week i have worked on a TON of random, separate projects including the following: DIY party crafts, women's bidets, all-natural drink mix, online retail business, child abuse prevention author, blogger campaign. i also attended two local blogger meet-ups, one of which i hosted as founder of seattle bloggers unite. yeah, i know. i'm crazy.

sometimes, when i do things like write a pitch about a bidet or say "jack, please don't lick the carpet" or realize i'm not actually living in california like i always thought i would, i stop for a second and think -- WOW, my life is really weird right now. i may be doing things i never expected, but it's pretty dang fun all the same.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

5 days of sunshine in January? Wow! Nothing is more beautiful than a sunny day in Washington :) Sounds like life is treating you well in all aspects and someone upstairs is lookin' out for ya!