Sunday, February 26, 2012

called it

our weekend turned out pretty good after all.

when i wrote that last blog post, i really had a feeling jack had an ear infection...but he never gets a fever with those (a common telltale sign) and since there's really no way to KNOW if they have an ear infection unless you bring them in, i still hesitate a little. for jack, my telltale sign are those horrendous mood swings, so i figured we were onto something. i took him to urgent care on saturday and wouldn't you know -- double ear infections.

poor little monkey! we got him some amoxicillin stat and fortunately, contrary to his last ear infection, he loooves the stuff and asks for "mo! mo!" after each dose. i'm pretty sure he is feeling better already because he spent the morning running in circles around our kitchen island saying "go go go!" he still won himself a free pass from church, though, so i went alone today and spent three hours trying not to fall asleep with all my newfound alone time.

since we had that mystery solved, b and i still had our date night last night. (not too awful to leave your infected toddler with a sitter, right? ;) we picked up take out from our favorite lot no. 3 and went to lincoln square cinema. for some reason washington hasn't caught onto 21st century movie theater technology and lincoln square is the only stadium-seating theater near us. worth it!

the artist was amazing and i hope it wins all the awards tonight at the oscars. (btw, did you know that "attend academy awards" is actually on my bucket list? i've been officially obsessed with that show since i was little...but i realize at this point in life my best bet for attending is probably via some type of make-a-wish foundation and seeing as how other required conditions for that type of activity are far less than desirable, i'm not holding my breath. but a girl can still dream. and yes laura w. i'm officially jealous of you ;) it's a silent film which was super fun -- reminded me of my film class days when we'd screen movies from the 1920s. i love how the absence of dialogue makes you focus so much more on the acting, music and cinematography to learn the storyline. as someone who grew up in a family trained to communicate frequently through movie and tv show quotes, it's always a little disconcerting to lack those speaking parts -- but i totally loved it all the same.

after the movie we went to starbucks and holed up at a table right next to the window and just sipped caramel apple cider and talked. that might have been my favorite part of the night.


Brandon and Erica said...

glad the mystery was solved!! Poor little Jack! And...just so you know, if my bro-in-law ever gets an invite to the Oscars, and then decides to invite me...I will have you come with me. Because you and I both know that my Brandon could care less about going to one of those. When I flipped to the Oscars on Sunday night, all I could hear from him was, "Oh please! Gross! Spacious Building!" comments....ha!

La La Land said...

I am jealous of our date night! Sounds fun. I hate those darn ear infections, and I knew that's what he had. Poor little J.

And I have to say, I am one lucky girl to have been able to attend the Oscars a few times. And yes, you should be jealous, it was everything and more I had dreamed of since being a little girl. :)

Jamie Onken said...

you need to be a seat filler!