Tuesday, May 8, 2012

dinner picnic

last night was one of my favorite nights we've had in washington yet. the past two days have been warm and sunny (never in my life, by the way, have i used the weather as such a frequent topic of conversation as i have since moving to seattle -- i swear, it is ALL we talk about around here) and we've spent a lot of time outside.

yesterday afternoon, some friends invited us to join them for dinner down by the lake and it was perfect. we live just a few miles away from lake sammamish and i had seen signs for a state park nearby, but we hadn't ever been down to check it out. last summer we just went to the pool when it was hot, plus jack was too little to do much of anything, so i didn't feel a big need to seek out alternative activities. little did i know we were minutes away from an amazing spot!

we went down to the beach -- there was a little park, a bunch of picnic tables, a rocky shore and a beautiful view. we ate a yummy picnic and played till the sun went down. i loved every second -- i think we'll be back a LOT this summer.

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