Tuesday, May 1, 2012

family bonding

this might finally be my last post about our california trip :) while there we did a lot of good old-fashioned family bonding: catching grant up on movies (like inception & captain america), playing bang!, sitting around, eating food, talking about iphones. some of our extended family came to town too and it was so fun to just sit and chat and do nothing but enjoy hanging out with everyone. since all of us live in different states, opportunities like this don't happen very often -- so i was perfectly content to sit and enjoy being surrounded by my family.

one night, granty cooked for us! authentic mexican bbq. why yes, it WAS completely delicious, thanks for asking :) 

had to fit in the requisite family photo shoot:

the highlight for jack -- oh, you mean, besides being the center of attention in a group of easily amused adults all week? -- was my sister's dog, max. he is SO much more fun than roxy and jack loved him. jack and max would chase each other around the house, lick each other's tortilla chips (shudder), hug and dance and run. it was adorable and has me seriously considering getting a dog.

and then...it was time to head home. i was really sad to leave my family (and the gorgeous 80 degree weather) but as soon as we got back to seattle everything felt right again.

i'm learning that my REAL home is wherever b and jack are, and for now that's in washington. i love being back to our regular routine and our little life up here, and -- miracle of miracles -- even the rain & frigid temperatures (in MAY, people! sheesh) haven't bothered me lately. guess i'm finally growing up.

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Jennifer Simmons said...

I like how you and your brother make the silly face in pictures. And that Max/Jack cuddle pic is adorable. Dogs are the best.