Sunday, May 13, 2012

mama day

happy mother's day to all the women out there! i love mother's day. even before i was a mom i loved everything about it -- celebrating my own amazing mama; recognizing all the women out there who touch the lives of others, biologically connected to them or not; watching the cute kiddos sing in church; getting a free candy bar ;)

my boys spoiled me today! b made breakfast AND dinner, jack signed a monkey card for me, i got a new running belt to wear during my half marathon training. plus i feel so lucky to be this little guy's mama.

i'm finally finishing up my second blog book (despite the drama of my first attempt) and this week i edited the posts and photos from july 2010. aside from being completely disgusted by how HUGE i was (all you people who said i looked like a cute pregnant girl were totally LYING) i absolutely loved reminiscing over those photos from the day jack was born. i am so glad my cousin was there to beautifully document that moment. and i can't believe that was almost two years ago!!! time seriously hits fast-forward once you have kids, but i can honestly say i've loved every single day since then.

also this week, one of the MBA wives passed away. i didn't know her well; her husband was a year behind b in school but i remember seeing her around. she contracted an infection while giving birth to their third baby and died a few days later. i haven't been able to get that sweet family out of my breaks my heart to think of them having to go on without her, but it kills me even more to think she won't be able to raise her kids! being a mom is really the BEST thing i've ever done and i feel so lucky to spend my days building train tracks and making car noises and teaching colors and changing diapers. i'd be so sad if that came to an end...but i'd be SO grateful to know that my family can be together forever, even beyond death. sadness and separation are just a split second in an eternity of joy. i'm a mama forever, no matter what happens -- and that is the best present of all.


Eric & Gretchen said...

Yeah for getting your blog book done. Mine is almost done too. I still have 2009, 2010 & 2011 to go. I can't stop thinking about Alice too. It reminds us all that life is precious.

Angela and Mike said...

That family is my brother and sister in laws good friends. They are totally torn up about it. So devastating.

Happy mother's day to you though!