Sunday, May 27, 2012

GNO reminder

the night before i left on my trip, i went to a little "sprinkle" (i.e. mini baby shower) for my friend megan, who is in the hospital right this very minute having her second baby. megan was one of my very first friends when we moved here and probably my best washington friend, i love her. however, the day of her party, b got home from work late and i still had to pack and we'd had something going every night that week so i was thiiiis close to just bagging the whole thing and staying home. BUT i rallied and went anyway.

...and i seriously had the BEST night ever, more fun than i've probably had in months. we had hamburgers at lunchbox laboratory -- maybe the most delicious burger i've ever eaten, with enough calories to keep me completely full all through the rest of that night AND through a 10 mile run the next morning, sheesh! -- and laughed and talked for hours. afterward my good friend jen and i even snuck away to go shopping at the mall! it was blissful -- there is just something about getting together with girlfriends that feels SO good. i see my friends all the time of course, but we're usually too distracted by our kids to have an actual conversation -- getting a night out with just the ladies was perfect.

girls nights fall into an exclusive category with other indulgences like massages and manicures -- things i don't usually seek out on my own, and on the way there i usually second guess myself the whole time saying "oh, i don't really need this." and then when they are over i am sooooooooo happy i did it. so this is me, posting a reminder for future lyndsey: just do it!

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Jamie Onken said...

I love girls nights, and I try to do them often. I'm glad you had fun!