Thursday, May 3, 2012

non-tulip festival

last week i got to have a mini pasadena reunion with some of my favorite friends! sachia came to town with amber, a new pasadena-ite who grew up here, so they hosted a little playdate for me & jack and our friends natalie & fallon. (if you're paying attention, natalie is the SAME natalie who was my roommate in college and then later my neighbor in pasadena -- and now we both live in seattle! weird, i know.)

the mamas chatted while the kids played. or rather, the girls played and jack monopolized all the trucks. per usual, he was the only boy there, so he spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the girls were talking about. barbies? lame.

we tried to line them up for a photo and the results were comical. how many adults does it take to get 4 kids to sit still? (not going to lie, doing this reminded me of all the times i stood on the sidelines in pasadena while all the parents tried to set up the kiddie group shots. yessss...finally i'm in the mom crew too!)

this is the best we could get. why oh why must everything be so difficult at this age?

our brilliant plan was to have a play date and then check out the tulip festival, which according to my facebook feed is THE thing to see in seattle in the spring. unfortunately we were way past naptime and nearing a meltdown, so i decided to hit the road -- BUT, since i was so close, i couldn't resist doing a quick drive by. 

side note: i had already driven an hour for the play date, and the tulip festival ended up being another 30 minutes farther away. i was trying to navigate on my phone but doing a crappy job, and by the time i got close to the actual tulips jack looked like this in the backseat:

so he was out, i was in a bad mood for coming so far and seeing nothing, and i still had a 90 minute drive ahead of me. definitely not going to be heading out on a tulip adventure. i turned the car around and managed to snap a couple quick pictures of the giant tulip fields -- they WERE pretty, but i didn't need to touch them to know that. 

then it was homeward bound. jack woke up screaming when we still had 20 minutes to go, that was fun. but at least we'd seen some pretty scenery and partied with our friends. all in all, a successful day.

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