Friday, August 24, 2012

bye bye binky

this week we did it. we cut the cord, or the binky as it were. it was pretty traumatizing for all of us, probably more for me than for jack. i felt terrible taking away something he loved so much.

mostly i blame my mom for his addiction, but i guess it was destined. jack was born with his fingers in his mouth, sucking away, so when he was a few hours old my mom popped a pacifier in his mouth. i protested but she did it anyway and i didn't care too much, it was cute. he's sucked on one every day since then, falling asleep without it maybe twice. in the past year or so, we'd limited his usage to just bedtime & the occasional car ride but i'd started feeling like it was time to get rid of it, teach him to sleep on his own. i quizzed the doctor about it at jack's two-year appointment and he confirmed that it would probably start messing up his teeth pretty soon.

i dreaded it for a few more weeks, and then monday morning it just felt right. jack was in a good mood so i pulled out a new spiderman toy we'd picked out at target and told him he could have it if he threw his binky away. he complied and didn't question it until naptime. he kept asking for his beep-beep so i handed him the cut binky and he got the saddest, saddest look on his face and started to cry. i told him he was a big boy and didn't need the binky anymore, that he had spiderman now and that was all he got. then i walked out and cried a little. :) he didn't nap at all that day, just cried in his room for two hours before i got him out...same story the next day. both nights he was totally exhausted by the time bedtime came around, but cried himself to sleep anyway.

wednesday he actually took a nap and has been back on a normal schedule since, though it seems like his naps are a little shorter. bedtime is still a little rough. he's been doing pretty well, although he's been pretty moody -- not sure if it's just the lost sleep or if he's dealing with the transition. i think we all need a little break this weekend. milestones suck, and i'm hoping our next one (most likely potty training) will involve a lot less crying on both our parts.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I can't believe our boys gave up the paci on the same exact day! Someone left a comment on my blog saying they thought they noticed a tear in one of the pictures of the paci, turns out there was! So he didn't really give it up on his own, his paci was ruined. Anyway, I hear ya about the rough days, but they're getting better, slowly but surely! Until the next hurdle in toddlerhood :)

Angela and Mike said...

Oh that picture of the cut binky is so sad! I am so proud of you...that had to be hard. I hate doing things that you know are good, but that make your kid cry. Just breaks your heart. Sounds like he is coming around though and doing well. Keep up the good work!

We both had big transitions last week! No rush on the potty training :) Nothing wrong with waiting till past 3 :)