Sunday, August 19, 2012

farm day

last week we took a little trip up north. background: i met one of my college roommates, christine, in the dorms at byu. she became one of my best friends and we lived together for years; we shared a bedroom the fall i met b and she heard a lot of stories about him before leaving on her mission...b is still not fully convinced she ever became a genuine fan of his. ;) anyway, on her mission, christine met my friend alex who later married tj who went to business school with b and now we all live up here in the grand old pacific northwest. destiny!

so, on monday, alex and i headed up to stanwood (with a little pit stop at the tulalip outlets, naturally) to visit christine's family's farm. i had heard so many stories about the infamous andelin family compound during college and i was so excited to finally see it in person.

the farm was darling. their home, the land, the horses, it was all so charming and beautiful. we had a blast catching up and chatting while our kiddos (4 boys between us) ran wild. i love my friends and i love washington summers.

also, this guy was in HEAVEN. between the mini tractor, the horses, the stray kittens to pet, the "barn house," the boys, and the authentic train car parked across the street, jack was smiling the entire day.

such a good way to spend a sunny day! can't wait to go back.

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