Sunday, August 26, 2012

fremont photos

last weekend i took a photography class in fremont. i got a smokin deal on the 3-hour walking-tour-type class via one of those groupon/living social/etc sites but of course most of the interesting locations were already sold out, so i ended up with fremont. i kind of get the feeling that fremont is sort of the west hollywood of seattle -- very artsy, very indie, very liberal and definitely covered with hipsters & rainbow flags. ;) not that i'm not into that kind of thing...but i'm glad we don't live there.

anyway, my teacher was cool and i actually learned how to use my fancy camera a little better. plus i got a sa-weet walking tour of a part of the city i don't see very often -- including some quality time with THE troll, of 10 things i hate about you fame. yes, the very one. it was a good way to spend a saturday morning, i tell you what.

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Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

Your assessment of Fremont would be correct. Hippie to the max! It's a small little area. Long story, but my dad had us all take self improvement seminars in a building over there over the course of my teenage years. It's a quirky fun little place!